Who is the Origami Mama?

As the title may suggest, Aimee is a mama. A first time mama. She is also an origami enthusiast. Her intentions with this site are to share her first time mom experiences in hopes to help other first time moms. Like many that create their own sites, this mama would turn to the internet to find answers to her strange dilemmas. She found some sites helpful, but not many. She also found herself looking at several baby forums that did not provide adequate answers or always had the same answers. All babies and children are different and their mothers will have different experiences, but by posting her own experiences, the origami mama hopes that she might be able to provide answers, comfort, or even relief that someone else went through similar experiences.

Aimee also plans to showcase some of her projects she attempts to complete while taking care of her lil baby bunting. Hobbies such as dance, origami, sewing (attempting to sew), etc. are things that this mama likes to do in order to destress.