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Carmen’s Baby Clothes Hack

My friend and old roommate, Carmen, recently had a sweet lil baby girl. For Mother’s Day, she and her husband went out to eat a hot pot lunch. Little did they know, that their tiny baby girl had her own idea of a “Mother’s Day gift” — a poopslosion! Upon leaving the house, Carmen’s husband inadvertently put their daughter’s diaper on a little askew. Thus, allowing for the poopslosion to occur! After cleaning the lil one up, her husband went into a slight panic realizing that the baby needed new clothes! What to do! Of course all moms (at least I think all moms) know better than to leave the house without at least one pair of extra… everything. So, tiny baby was put into some fresh clean clothes! The best part of this story is how Carmen packs extra clothes in order to save space in her bag and save time when crazy accidents happen! Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1 – Pick out your extra outfit. You can include a top,
bottom, socks, and whatever else you think you need.

Step 2 – Fold bottoms and place with accessories at the top middle of the onesie.step2

Step 3 – Fold in the sides to secure the contents.

Step 4 – Start rolling the contents like a burrito!

Step 5 – Lock in the clothes by using the snaps of the onesie.

Step 6 – Clothes burrito complete!

Now, you can just pack these in whatever bag you use. When an accident occurs, you’ll be all set! No need to dig through your bag or hunt for that 2nd sock! Just pull out one of your trusty clothes burritos!

Great idea, Carmen! Thanks for sharing!!
Clothes burrito tutorial pictures taken by Carmen, @spunkiebrewster on Twitter & IG.


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