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New Mommy Basket

My sister-in-law recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. A few weeks before she went into labor, I sent her a new mommy basket for her birthday. New mommy baskets are really simple to assemble and make for a great gift for first time moms, even 2nd or 3rd time moms! Mine was geared towards relaxation after the baby comes as well as lactation for the new mom.

New Mommy Basket Contents:

Prepared New Mommy Basket
I bought an Easter bin from the dollar store to house the contents of my basket. 

The actual basket you use can be anything! I picked up a medium sized plastic bin from the dollar store that my SIL will be able to use to store baby items. Cloth or canvas bins may also be used depending on your budget.

I know new mommies need sleep and relaxation, which can be hard to get in those first few days, weeks, and even months. I included some aromatherapy body lotion and body wash/foam bath directed towards sleep. The fragrance is Lavender Vanilla.

“Lavender Essential Oil and Vanilla Absolute help
calm feelings of stress so you can sleep better.”

This set can be found at Bath & Body Works. They have other fragrances for Sleep, Energy, and Stress Relief that can help new mommies pamper themselves. The gift sets usually run for about $20. The individual bottles are regularly $13, but occasionally, they go on sale for $5 or $6. The store always accept coupons received through email, usually 20% or $10 off $30. Their aromatherapy line also includes bath scrubs, pillow and boy mists, massage oils, etc. So, it’s really easy to make your own lil set and get to that $30 amount for coupons. Other brands along these lines will make of a nice surprise for an at home spa day for new mom.

Speaking of spa days, I also included a gel bead sleep mask. This particular one can be cooled in the fridge and said could help with under eye bags. I assured my SIL that I didn’t think that she would look like a complete mess after her daughter came, but the mask might help block out light for those in-between nursing naps, while taking care of her eyes as well. Can’t quite remember how much this one was. It was less than $15, though. There were some cheaper ones made for travel, but this one just seemed like a better investment.

New mommies will definitely need a few basket10new wardrobe outfits or outfit pieces. I sent my SIL a nursing tank top that I didn’t quite fit me anymore. This one is from Destination Maternity. Any type of nursing shirt or tank top would make a nice addition to a new mommy basket. It doesn’t have to be too fancy or expensive. Just something that functions and will work with the mom’s current wardrobe. Place such as Target and Walmart have some nice selections for new moms. Nursing pads and nursing creams would also be a great idea to include! I wasn’t able to get any before my in-laws levisit and bring the basket up to my SIL.basket11To help the new mommy with lactation, I included a few “mommy teas.” Nothing like a nice cup of tea to help relax and even better if it will help bring some milk in! Both brands taste similar and have Anise Seed, Fennel, Fenugreek, and other ingredients that help promote lactation. I usually add a little honey or sugar to mine.

The last thing I included also helps promote lactation: Lactation cookies! My mom made these for me & they are delightful! She got the recipe from Mom365. I cut the recipe in half for 2 servings or 6 people as it yields a lot of cookies! I picked up the container for the cookies at the dollar store as well. My SIL will be able to reuse that container as well.

Finally, I bought a shrink wrap bag and some decorative paper shred and Easter grass from the dollar store and reused some tissue paper from previous holidays to create the final product. I put the shred and grass in the bin first, then, all the items on top. Added some tissue in the back & wrapped it all up. I used a hair dryer to get the shrink wrap tight around basket. Added a little bow and a card with instructions for new mommy basket!

My SIL was very excited for the basket and loved the cookies so much that she asked for the recipe, too! So, mommy baskets are a great idea for when you want to gift a new mommy a special gift for her baby shower instead of the usual thing. You can always include some items from her registry, but it makes it more fun and unique if you include some items for the mommy!



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