Amazon Household

I recently discovered that my husband & I were able to share an Amazon Prime account. For a about year, I’d always have to tell my husband to order something for me or I’d have to log into his account to get my 2-day shipping on something. This started to get tricky when birthdays and holidays came around. Found a gift my husband would like on Prime, but he’d totally see what it was if I used his account to purchase it. For one big ticket item, my MIL offered to buy it from her account and I’d just pay her back. Not to mention the fact that my husband already gets notifications whenever something is delivered to our house. So, he usually knows if I bought something online. Having to use his Prime account just made it easier to know if it was a gift he’s not supposed to see yet.

That is, until my friend and former roommate let me know about Amazon Household. amazonhousehold

What is it? Amazon Household basically allows two adults to share a Prime account along with its benefits, as well as certain types of content, such as games, books, apps, etc. It also allows for up to 4 children profiles. Children profiles cannot shop, but they can use content such as books, apps, etc. that are allowed by their parents.

Full details here and here.

This made life just a little bit easier. We both don’t have to get Prime, which saves us money, and we can still keep presents and such a surprise!

Details about how to create a Household can be found here.

Happy Shopping!



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