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The Honest Company Mini Bundle

The very same day I was browsing The Honest Company’s Discovery Kits, my friend posted on Facebook about receiving three friend vouchers from The Honest Company for mini bundles as a way of trying out their Diapers & Wipes bundle subscription. I let her know I was checking out their products and she sent a voucher over to my email. Since I was on a “free things” binge I went ahead and claimed the mini bundle.

The Honest Company Mini Diapers & Wipes Bundle

What is it? When I first saw “Mini Bundle,” I was thinking it was just another sample kit. The bundle is a larger preview of a regular subscription bundle and includes about half the items of a regular bundle.

How much does it cost? The mini bundle runs for about $51.75 without a credit voucher. After the credit is applied the mini bundle only costs $5.95 to ship.

How long does it take to ship?  I claimed the mini bundle on January 30, 2017. It shipped January 31, 2017 and I received it on February 1, 2017.

What comes in it? The Mini Diapers & Wipes Bundle includes 3 packs of diapers (34 count) and 2 packs of wipes (72 Count). Basically, it is half of a regular subscription bundle. There is also a Mini Diaper Bundle Insert that explains how the bundles work & thanks you for trying out the products, as well as an Honest Welcome Brochure that showcases all the products that The Honest Company offers, explains their guarantee, and goes more in depth on the subscriptions bundles, discounts, and benefits.

Mini Bundle contents in box.
Diaper and wipes packages out of box.

When you add the bundle to your cart, you can choose the gender of the baby, size of the diapers (they go by weight), and you can choose up to 6 prints that you would like to be included in your bundle. When you check out, it shows you which prints will be shipped. I chose Breakfast, Pandas, Space Traveling, Skulls, Balloons, and T-Rex. The three patterns I received were Breakfast, Pandas, and Balloons. I wasn’t expecting a full 34 count pack of diapers. I thought I was going to be getting more travel sized packages. So, I was throughout surprised when that big box was delivered. On my order history online, it also only showed one pack of wipes included in the mini bundle.

Is there a catch? In a way. The mini bundle is meant for you to get a glimpse of how much product will come in a regular bundle, how convenient a regular subscription could be, and to give their products a try. You can then decide if you wish to continue purchasing from them online through subscription bundles. When you have your mini bundle shipped, they automatically enroll  you into a subscription for their Diapers & Wipes Bundle. You have ten (10) days after you receive your mini bundle to cancel the bundle subscriptions. If you do not, they will ship your first bundle subscription and your card will be charged accordingly. You are able to cancel online or over the phone. Online is much simpler. They will also give you options to configure your bundles. You can change the frequency of products shipped, the products included, etc.

I did not continue with any subscriptions as our household primarily uses cloth diapers when at home and for short trips out. We use disposable diapers for longer trips and just don’t need as many as a bundle sends. Even though there are options for changing the frequency or amount included in the bundles, it is hard for us to estimate when we will need more diapers and how many we may need. I chose size 3 for when my son grows out of his 1 & 2 disposables. The amount sent in the mini bundle seems like just enough for how often we use the disposables. Since we are able to try out the diapers, if we decide that we like them and need more, we can always buy smaller packs from Target or Walmart.

All in all, if you use disposable diapers regularly, the bundle subscriptions may be a good deal. The full bundle sends 6 packs of diapers (34 count) and 4 packs of wipes (72 count) for $79.95 a month. It just depends on your specific needs and if you don’t want to have to continuously go out and buy diapers, you can just have them sent to you.

If you are lucky enough to get a mini bundle, but don’t think the bundles are right for you, just don’t forget to cancel your subscription!


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