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Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box

Once you know that a baby is on the way, there is much to do, plan for, and figure out. Somewhere down the road, you know that there might be a baby shower planned and registries to be made. When my time came, I made 3 registries in hopes that I included most of the things my husband, family, and I would need for the arrival of our baby bunting. One at buy buy Baby, Target, and Amazon. This post is going to highlight a feature of my Amazon registry that took me almost a year to realize I was able to qualify for it and could still receive it.

The Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box

What is it? Welcome Box FAQ

So, you need to create an Amazon baby registry and a). $10 purchased from it, b). Amazon Prime or Prime trial, and c). complete their registry checklist.

After creating your registry, you will see the “Welcome Box” category when you view your items. When you check your status, Amazon will show you which items you still need to complete. Once you complete everything, it will allow you to claim your welcome box.


Welcome Box category, check status, and checklist.
When I created my registry I noticed the “Welcome Box” category, but I never really took the time to figure out what it was. I was also under the impression that I needed to actually add the items on the checklist to my registry. After a friend told me how she received hers, I went back to investigate. After completing the checklist and started sharing Prime with my husband (which I wasn’t aware was a possibility either & will do a short post about as well), I was all set.

How much does it cost? Essentially, the box is free as long as you meet those three conditions listed above. If no one has purchased from your registry, it will cost $10 in products from your registry. As a tip, I’ve seen that other moms were able to just add something they needed to their registry and purchase it through there in order for their purchase to qualify as the $10 needed. Shipping is free.

How long does it take to ship? I ordered mine on January 23, 2017. It shipped on January 25, 2017 and I received it on January 30, 2017. My Sister-in-law order hers after mine, but received it before I did. It may depend on where it ships from as she lives closer to the facility that shipped ours.

What comes in it? Possible items included

From what I read about the contents of other boxes, ours seems to have been a better box.

It seemed like a good amount of items. Here’s the unboxing and breakdown of everything.

Giraffe teething toy by Bright Starts.

Teething toy by Bright Starts
. Some boxes may not include a toy, others may include a

different toy. One of my friends received a different teething toy in place of the giraffe.

My son seems to like this one when he isn’t going through a “throwing” phase. He likes the fact that the giraffe crinkles and that he has many different places to chew on.

Philips Avent 4oz. baby bottle.

4 oz. Philips Avent baby bottle. 
I received one the first time I purchased clothes from Destination Maternity. This bottle works well. My son doesn’t seem to have any issues when using it. The nipple is wide for natural latch and has an anti-colic value.

This bottle is nice and compact. I use it when I don’t need to feed my son as much and it’s great for travel.


Pampers diaper clutch. This little bundle came with a travel pack of 6 count wipes, a newborn diaper, and clutch to hold them in. My son currently wears size 1 and I am able to fit two in the clutch. It is made out of a soft lightweight material and divider inside. Handle has snaps so you can hook it on bags or strollers. Perfect for short trips out.

Swaddle, Baby Wipes, and Samples. The swaddle is very soft and breathable. Haven’t gotten to try out the wipes, but we typically use the sensitive kind, so these should work well. The samples include a Aveeno Baby travel lotion, a packet of Aquaphor Baby, and a set of two nursing pads.

All in all, the contents of this box worked well for my son’s age and included things I am currently able to use. I think this box is definitely worth the minimal effort it takes to qualify. Also, it seems as though there is no expiration date as to when you need to claim it by. I created the registry before my son was born and didn’t claim my welcome box until he was about 11 months old! So, if you haven’t claimed yours yet, you might still be able to! I think regardless of content, I was mostly excited just to get free things! Who doesn’t love free things?!


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